Saturday, March 2, 2013

Popcorn Nights #4

This is a section on my blog where I recommend (or not) movies I've seen recently. Take into account that this is my opinion only and you're more than welcome to disagree and tell me about it in a polite way.
Esta es una sección en el blog en donde recomiendo (o no), películas que haya visto recientemente. Las opiniones son mías personales y ustedes pueden estar en desacuerdo y comentarmelo educadamente.
* Si pasan el mouse sobre las imágenes pueden ver el texto en español.
Los Amantes del Círculo Polar
Norwegian Wood
The Help


  1. Thank you for the recommendations, I will definitely watch Amour :) And I love The Help, it's so pretty and the story is beyond touching, I've seen it two times and enjoyed it so much :)

  2. De las que pusiste solo vi The Help y creo que llore toda la pelicula xD Es muy muy bonita y ahora cada vez que puedo la recomiendo :)

  3. Me gusta esta sección!

  4. I do love your popcorn nights posts <3
    I've seen lovers of the arctic circle and I find this movie amazing <3
    I haven't seen the other and these already are on my : "must see" list :)

  5. Norwegian Wood la intenté ver, pero, se me hizo muy pesada y no conseguí acabarla XD

  6. I watched only "The Help", strong movie, I like it!!)

  7. I hated Rinko Kikuchi in Norwegian Wood and loved Kenichi Matsuyama (but I always love him anyway), I agree that the girl who played Midori did a great job though. For me the main problem was the director really...
    Also loved The Help :)

  8. You watch really interesting movies! I have been wanting to watch Amour for a pretty long time I guess I will go see it :)


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