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TAG: 7 things about me...

Thousand years ago, Ania, from Crónicas de una Trufa Chocolateada, gave me the "One Lovely Blog Award" and tagged me with this "7 things about me" thing, so here's a video with those 7 things.
The video is actually in Spanish, that's why I'll write down in English the things I say in it.
Hace mil años, Ania del blog Crónicas de una Trufa Chocolateada, me dió el "One Lovely Blog Award" y me taggeó para contar "7 cosas sobre mi", así que aquí está el video con esas 7 cosas.
El video está Español, así que escribiré aquí debajo en Inglés lo que cuento en el video.


One Lovely Blog Award TAG

One Lovely Blog Award TAG
1- I don't like the music group Queen, I think it's the most overrated band ever!

2- I don't like the books written by Jane Austen, I don't like the stories or how they are written, maybe it's a translation problem, and if I read them in English I might like them, I don't know.

3- I can't drink any carbonated beverages, since I have a geographic tongue and it's a pain in the ass tongue.

4- I don't like the movie "Casablanca", I don't like neither the movie nor Humphrey Bogart, I felt really disappointed when I watched it.

5- My favourite animals are wolves and foxes, and the reason is 'cause when I was veeeery little and watched Mary Poppins for the first time, I fell in love with the fox in the fox hunt scene, the thing is that at that moment I thought it was a wolf, and I've always loved wolves! So, for the longest time I thought they were the same animal, yeah, pretty stupid, I know!

6- My favourite ice-cream flavour is Vanilla, since little a would only have vanilla and dulce de leche, and the guy at the parlour challenge me to taste half a tablespoon of sabayon flavour and he would give me a big vanilla and dulce de leche one for free, but I was very stubborn and said no. I still haven't tasted Sabayon, hahaha!

7- I changed schools 5 times in my whole academic life, 2 years of kinder-garden to a school, pre-school year to another, 1st and 2nd primary school to another, 3rd, 4th and 5th to another, 6th and 7th to another, and then secondary school to the same, funny though, that was the one I always hated the most!


  1. I didnt watched that movies and didnt read the book, so I can tell nothing about them, so I will trust your decisions!))
    But I love vanilla ice cream!)
    Wolves are very wise animals!) but I love cats and dogs the most!)))

  2. this is awesome thing that we can find such news about you ! <3 you seem to be so interesting person :)

  3. i never knew there are ppl out there who can't drink carbonated drinks :O that must be awful. 2 of my favourite drinks are fizzy; champagne & sparkling water!! and i always like a good vanilla beans ice cream with my brownie ^^ it's nice to know a little titbits about u :)


  4. I love that you saw Mary Poppins as a kid! I love that movie!


  5. Haha coincido totalmente con la primera y la tercera. Lo de Queen es increíble!

  6. Pero que buena es tu perrita! *_* me encantó (L)
    hahaha me encantó la anecdota del lobo rojo, que graciosa xD pero yo no puedo ver Mary Poppins ;_; no me gusta D: XDDD de zorritos me encanta tod y tobby, es de mis peliculas favoritas *-*

  7. Vanilla is also my flavour of choice :)) I used to hate Jane Austen books but then somehow that changes and I turned into a huge fan :))

  8. Hi!! lovely blog!! Can we folloe each other!!! let me know!!

  9. XDDD seré vulgar, casi me hago pipi, eres bien graciosa y eso del lobo y zorro fue tan inocente jaja
    igual son dos hermosas criaturas :3


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