Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Magazines

I know June is already ending and some July magazines are already out, but I wanted to post my favourite scans of my three favourite Japanese magazines.

June 2011 spoon

Emikyu's summer collection, always so cheerful and colourful!

June 2011 Fudge

Cardigans.., I LOVE cardigans!!!

June 2011 Tomotomo

I don't think I could pull out any of these, but they look great and fun!


  1. me encantan las fotos de tomotomo :D el estilismo es geniaal
    y las de emikyu siempre se las ingenian para que sean unicas y muy frescas, a pesar de que los prints y diseños no varian mucho :)

  2. ¡¡¡dios santo, lo quiero todoooo!!! Vamos a tener que echar un euromillones esta semana ;)


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