Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today, 8 years ago..

So lonely to wander, so sad to be alone..
In the mist of the unknown,
trying to fool myself with dreams that never come true ♫♪

A day like today, 8 years ago I was leaving Argentina to come live in Spain where my husband was waiting for me and Luc.
It was a very sad day, but I was very nervous as I was travelling with Luc, Luc (the dog) and tons of suitcases and such.

The truth is that I still can't believe I've been here in Spain for 8 years.., it actually seems more to me.. xDDD

Again, thanks Glo, for reminding me about today! ♥

Everyone came to see us off to the airport that day, well, almost everyone, but we were a lot! xDD
As I said, our luggage was BIG and heavy, as I was kinda moving.. xDD I even had to leave a suitcase because Luc wasn't able to carry it since I had to carry him.. xDD

Here you can see my cousin carrying some of the things, my uncle, Luc down there and my back.. xDD
Seeing this it made me realize that I REALLY need a pair of leather pants SO HARD!


My aunt carrying Luc, he was So little, 2 years and a half old.. ♥

Talking about the ridiculous luggage,
it's a recurring theme until today.. xDDD


My mum and I trying to handle the luggage around the labyrinth.. xDD

Me and my "I know I'm crazy but WTF?!" face.. xDD

My Bro.(left), Dad (middle), uncle (right) waiting to deliver Luc (the dog in the box).
He was very big, a very beautiful pit-bull, sadly he died some years ago.. ;_;


Bro., cousin, Luc and Dad telling him he shouldn't suck his fingers..,
but he SO wanted to sleep! xDDD


Bro. again, aunt, cousin and Luc again..

Try harder, dad.. xDDDDD

Me, ready to leave.., looking for the papers..
(I had ten thousands papers.. D:)


Everyone was crying, mum, cousin, aunt.
But here you can see my mum's desperate face telling Luc to go with me..,
or maybe not.. xDDDDD


I was crying SO much! And Luc was smiling..,
he was so little and didn't understand a thing..


These were all scanned since nobody had a digital camera back then.. xDDD


  1. Que rápido pasa el tiempo ...

    Estar lejos de la familia supongo que se lleva bastante mal al principio :_(

    Gracias por seguirme y me alegra mucho haber topado tu blog ^^

  2. Ocho años atrás ... Un beso enorme ... Gloria
    (Mis fotos lucen espontáneas y nerviosas por el momento tan triste de despedida que viviamos, sin contar que tenía el yeso en el brazo izquierdo. Y mi cámara de rollo ... pero quedó retratado el momento). Besos ... Glo

  3. que nostalgico :( pero tambien es bonito que hayas seguido tus instintos, espero en algun momento verme en la misma situacion que tu <3


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