Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter sales!

Today, my son and I went shopping since the sales started. The prices weren't as low as I expected, but I have to admit that I bought quite a bit.. xDD

The mall was packed, and I spent and hour queuing to pay in the first shop. There I bought lots of lingerie and a pj.
The next shop I was smart enough to use Luc and he queued for my as I was choosing the clothes.. xDD
There were some t-shirts that I saw a week ago in a shop but weren't anymore, which was a pity since I wanted three of them, but apart from that I think I got all the things I wanted!

Here is our haul minus Luc's video games and books:

We started 11 o'clock in the morning and arrived home at 17.00 when we finally ate something and head to the other mall where I bought the boots that were not on sale.., the only two pairs in the store that weren't!! >.<

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