Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Madrid & Toledo

A few days ago my mother came to visit from Argentina to spend Luc's b-day and the holidays with us.
She came with her boyfriend Osvaldo who drives (neither my mum, nor I do), so he took us where I never go: Madrid.
It's a 3 days holiday, so it was a little bit crowded and it was raining, especially yesterday.

When we arrived at Madrid it was 5pm., so we didn't do much; I rather start visiting a place I don't know early in the morning,
but it wasn't me who was driving.
The first thing we did, was buying an umbrella because it started raining the moment we parked the car.. orz

We started walking and went to the Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun), which was full of tourists like us, but we managed to take some photos.
This is the place where the people of Madrid gather to receive the new year and eat the 12 grapes.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid 01
Puerta del Sol, Madrid 02
Puerta del Sol, Madrid 03

It was funny because I suddenly spotted three guys with funny wigs, then I run to take a pic of them, later we found out that every-fucking-one was wearing one.

People with Wigs

I couldn't leave the place without a photo with the bear, symbol of Madrid.

Bear Statue 02
Bear Statue 01

On our way to the Plaza Mayor we run into the Deputy Congress, and since I always see it on the news I took a photo.. xDD

Madrid's Deputy Congress

Luc and I were starving since we didn't eat, thinking they haven't eaten either; pretty much the incommunication I experienced with my mother the first week.. xDD
So we bought some donuts at Dunkin' Donuts, which I wish I've gotten some photos, but we were too hungry and there were too much people around to stop and take a photo xD

We finally made it to the Plaza Mayor, which was really near, but like I said it was really crowded, so everything took an eternity.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid 01
Plaza Mayor, Madrid 02

It's a tradition on these holidays, shops with x-mas stock, to be placed in the centre of the square, and since Luc wanted something, we took a look around.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid 03
Plaza Mayor, Madrid 04
Plaza Mayor, Madrid 05
Plaza Mayor, Madrid 06

There was also a merry-go-round which I wanted to ride, but didn't; Luc did.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid 07
Plaza Mayor, Madrid 08

On our way back to the parking, I spotted a building with a sign that said "Sanatorio de Muñecos" (Doll's Hospital), which I found super cute! And reminded of something of my childhood.

Dolls Hospital, Preciados Street

All Madrid was dressed for X-mas, but most of the photos came out really crappy..

X-mas Decoration 01
X-mas Decoration 02

Back in Toledo we decided to go to a restaurant. It's name is "La Abadía", apparently is a very "in" place right now.., but I found it crappy, and the service sucks! Not to mention the food which also sucks.. xDD But since everyone loved it I kept my mouth shut, well, no.., not really.. xDD

La Abadia Restaurant 01
La Abadia Restaurant 05

I forgot to take a photo of the food, but really, you are not missing anything. I did remember to take some of the desserts. At least the ice-cream was good.

La Abadia Restaurant 02
La Abadia Restaurant 03
La Abadia Restaurant 04

On our way out I took a photo of my clothes; I wore my MILK dress.

La Abadia Restaurant 06
Street, Toledo 01
Street, Toledo 02

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