Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocomint Fukubukuro

A package from the land of the Totoro arrived today; it was a box with two Chocomint luckypacks full of accessories.

At the egl community I saw a post showing how awesome the packs were, and they were, indeed. So I headed to buy three, sadly they were all sold out, but there was also a more expensive one, so I bought two.

I originally wanted three, one for me, and two as gifts,
but I thought two big ones would have more to share and cuter things. I was really wrong!
They didn't contained more things, plus I got lots of repeats
(which to be perfectly honest made my life easier when making the two gift bags.. XD)

I really wanted some of those fluffy brooches or some rings,
but no.., nothing like that.

So.., it was worth my money? If both luckypacks would have been for me; no!
But since I'm giving lots of the accessories away it actually worked out fine!
Would I ever buy the expensive luckypack again? No.., I'd go with the cheaper one.

But what I really get from all of this, is that I love luckypacks..
The feeling you get waiting for it, thinking what would they have inside
is great and it actually makes up for the later deception.. XDD

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