Saturday, January 8, 2011

Polkadots in the country.

I fell in love with a dress from ZARA the other day, and my mother bought it for me.
I totally love it, I can't wait to make lots of coordinates with it, and the best part is that I can wear it in any time of the year..

I love how the blue of the dress looks great with dark brown, I'm sure it'll look great with pink or red.

ZARA - Jacket: ZARA - Bag: Off-brand - Tights: Calzedonia -
Turtleneck: ZARA - Scarf: Hand-made - Boots: MUAA


  1. Hace tiempo odiaba los estampados de puntos, pero ahora me vuelven loca :D

  2. me encanta el conjunto *_* soy una sucker para los neutrales <3

  3. Pues el vestido es muy bonito!
    Aunque, desgraciadamente, yo y los puntitos no nos llevamos bien ;_;

  4. I really love these pictures; you look so darling. =o)


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