Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday's Favourites #35

Milk, Bloody Cat, Paris Kids, Asos, Oasap, Jazmín Chebar.

1- Banana dress from Milk  /  2- Skull jacket from Bloody Cat  /  3- Dinosaurs earrings from Paris Kids  /  4- Tight from Asos  /   
5- Spikes cap from Bloody Cat  /  6- Scallop neck blouse from Oasap  /  7- Leopard Sneakers from Jazmín Chebar  /  
8- Spikes backpack from Bloody Cat  /  9- Sunflowers overalls dress from Asos.


  1. So cute! My daughter would just love those dinosaur earrings!

  2. too many lovely stuff i wish i had <3

  3. Me encantan las medias de Asos y la camiseta de OASAP, una monada!

    Un beso!

  4. Es evidente, pero tengo que decirlo, quiero el 2!!!!

  5. Que diferente, me encanta el bolso y la chaqueta :3

  6. ¡Uy, como me copó el hoodie de esqueleto!

  7. Not usual picks I guess; I hope your days are more brighter and sunny!)

  8. You are my Liebster Award nominee. I hope you participate and have fun.


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