Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday's Favourites #27

Sechuna, Forever21, Romwe, Taobao, J4L, Ai Candies & Topshop
1- Pink skirt from Sechuna  /  2- Mint beret from Forever21  /  3- Black cat sweater from Romwe  /  4- Mint tights from Taobao  /   
5- Pink satchel bag from J4L  /  6- Macarons necklace and earrings from Ai Candies  /  7- Black turtleneck from Taobao  /   
8- Pink Roller Skates from Topshop.


  1. Quiero el satchel T_T que hermoso!!!! Saludos

  2. qué conjunto más bonitoooo!!! Los panties man matao <3

  3. ¡¡qué de cosas monas!! tenemos telepatía, ayer yo buscando como loca unos patines asíiii, porque los que tenía de cuando era peque no me entran...

    Besos rojos ;-)

  4. Ay ay ay... hola, cosas pastel bonitas... qué cuqui todo tía! MALDICIÓN LO QUIERO TODOOOOOOOO!! <3

    Por cierto, te llegó el premio de Miss Cristal? A lo mejor me salté la entrada, voy tan arriba de curro que no doy a basto :(!

  5. yay you have such amazing taste of style *_* i just can't. i wish i was millioner so i could buy every thing.

  6. Estoy yo buscando algún bolso de ese tipo pero en negro, claro XDDD

  7. Wonderful finds! Love the sweater with the cat!

  8. Me encanta el bolso!!! Te sigo


  9. Hello cutie:)
    I really love the look of thiis post and how you arrange the things in the picture :O
    With which programm are you doing this?



  10. Seriously, Natalia, how come you always come up with the most adorable and girlie round up? Of course I'm partial to those macaron earrings (such an adorable idea!), but I'm equally in love with the beret and the satchel. I'll have one of each, please :)

    PS: I would so love to connect with you via email, but somehow when I hit reply on one of your comments, it doesn't work :/ Could you please drop me an email to, I have so many things I'd love to tell you, and thank you for all your lovely comments and continuous support!

    Have a lovely evening!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls


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