Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{ LOOKBOOK } Who knows? Maybe you were kidnapped...

♪♫ Baby we ain't the first
I'm sure a lot of other lovers been burned
Right now this seems real to you, but it's
One of those things you gotta feel to be true
. ♫♪

♪♫ Refugee - Tom Petty ♫♪

Just a quick and comfy look to run errands, like going to the doctor and talking with Luc's teachers. And on my way to the doctor I saw that almond trees already blossomed, so I couldn't help to snap some photos at that wall. The good thing is this place I took this photos the other day, happen to be full of almond trees, so I'll be going quite often until they fall!

I already realized at the end of last summer, but I REALLY need a black bag, the problem is I haven't found the ideal one, well, ideal AND affordable. I want something that can be worn on any occasion since I won't be buying several black bags, not because I don't want, but because I can't. I want something I can fit quite a few things but not too big, preferable not shiny, but that's not definitive.
Well, now you know what I need, you can give one to me! Hahaha, joking, joking!

Jeans: LEVI'S.
Sweater: Bershka.
Boots: Merkal Calzado.
Bag: Disney.
Accessories: (old).
Lips: Lancôme - Rouge A Lèvres Attraction - 324 Sans Blabla.


  1. Te sienta genial el color morado <3

    1. Gracias Maka! A Sergio tambien le gusta.
      Y en un tiempo fue mi color favorito! <3

  2. estos colores te sientan hermosos, me encanta este lado wild y edgy de ti :D

    el arbol es una dulzura, que envidia tener flora asi :)

    1. Muchas gracias, la verdad es que asi es como me siento mas cómoda, supongo que va mas con mi forma de ser, por eso se ve mas natural.

  3. Qué bonitos colores. Qué buena la anécdota del nombre de ayer. :))

    B* a la Moda

    1. Jajaja, me alegro que te gustara la anecdota, ahora es gracioso, pero en el momento es stressante!

  4. aksbciabvq me encantan tus uñas y el anillo corazon y las pulseras negras!!!

  5. ¡que guapa! siempre sorprendiendome de veras, estas guapisima! *_*

    1. Muchas gracias! <3 Y que bien que te sorprenda, jijiji!

  6. Your lip color is really amazing!

    Triple Thread


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