Saturday, March 17, 2012

{ LOOKBOOK } But, I know you're laughing from the inside out.

♪♫ Oh, please give me a little more
And I'll push away those baby blues
Cause one of these days this will die
So will me and so will you
. ♫♪

♪♫ Mouthful of Cavities - Blind Melon ♫♪

Yesterday I had a really bad day, but today I felt like dressing up and enjoy a walk with my son, of course we ended up at the mall. You see we don't have a lot to do around here if we don't hop on a bus and go to the city, so, since we have a little mall near, that's what we usually do, hahaha!
We go mostly to walk, because most of the times we go, we stay for half an hour and we come back home with my husband who works there.
I didn't bought anything today, but I spied a lovely yellow spring coat that I need for obvious reasons. And there I was, at the shop, trying it on and saying out loud how beautiful it was and how it could go with anything in my closet; the clerks there gave me funny looks, and I think it was because nobody wanted them, the rack was full of those gorgeous yellow coats!! So, nothing to worry about, they will be there next week...

Also, I wanted to ask you if you could be kind enough to vote me here, in this contest; it'd mean a lot to me! Thank you so much in advance! <3








Dress: Vero Moda.
Cardigan: syrup x Disney.
Tights: Calzedonia.
Bag: Blanco.
Shoes: ebay.
Belt: Blanco.
Accessories: ebay, Blanco & Bijou Brigitte.
Lips: NYX - BLL174 Nude & Lancôme - Lip Gloss 322 Pink but not innocent.


And here is a photo of my little boy, who's not that little anymore, he's growing a lot day by day, and even if he gives me lots of headaches I love him with all my life!! He's so handsome and stylish today that I felt like sharing a photo of the boy behind the camera.



  1. Este conjunto está bien bonito :D amo tu cardigan
    esos oxfords son de la tienda que te dije verdad? yo ando viendo si pido otros de ahí jeje.


    1. Sipis, son de esa tienda, es una pena que me los haya comprado pequeños y no pueda caminar muy comoda, pero me encantan!

  2. Me encanta como te quedan los labios así, "nudosos". :3

    Joder, qué grande está el muchacho.
    Vos, turra, siempre igual. xP

    1. Mirá quien habla con lo de siempre igual! xDD

  3. Ay ese cardigan de Bambi de Syrup, que envidia! Y el resto del outfit que está tan lleno de detalles preciosos, la cinta del pelo y el colgante me encantan.

  4. Pues a ver si nos enseñas el abriguito amarillo en cuestión. Me encantan los abrigos de colores :) . Por cierto, qué preciosidad de rebeca con Bambi, jeje :)

    Sara de A Modern-Day Lady

    1. Hoy me lo compré asi que ya lo mostraré! :D

  5. Love your dress and that classy bag! And those earrings are to die for! Obsessed!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  6. Here's to hoping that my little boy will be happy to be my shutterbug later in life! Now, he just wants to knock the tripod over... silly toddler. I just had to pin this outfit- I love it!

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting, and I bet your boy will be as helpful as mine when he grows up! ;D

  7. Beautiful outfit! I love the matching of whites and browns! Your dress is stunning and your cardigan is adorable!

  8. u r so pretty!!! And I love your earrings!!!!!!!

  9. Estás taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan guapa!!!

    Besos rojos ;-)

  10. Hermosa! skjdajd de dónde has sacado ese anillo de pajarillos? quiero U__U

    1. Muchas gracias! El anillo lo compré en ebay ;D

  11. que grande esta tu hijo ya O_O parece que fue ayer cuando era un chiquitin xDD ya sueno como las señoras! jaja
    me gusto mucho el conjunto, es perfecto para darle la bienvenida a la primavera, ademas la foto donde sales corriendo esta muy genial!!

    1. Jajajaja! Si! Está enorme, parece mentira como pasa el tiempo DD:

  12. I love your lace dress and the cardie! the deer pendant is also super cute. my fave is the jumping pic :)


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