Monday, December 5, 2011

Dublin on Wednesday, November 16th 2011

On Wednesday we decided we were going to visit the museums, but before this we headed of to a market that was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but then wasn't, I was really mad because all street markets are on weekends, so when I read on my Dublin guide about this one I was quite happy, shoot!
So after not finding the market, we walked under the Irish rain (rain that won't get you soaking wet but will make your hair look like a bloody mess), to the museums, but before getting there we stumbled into Merrion Square Park, so we walked a little, it was so green, I miss green grass and plants and trees, were I live everything is so brown, like a desert! Anyway, right now I was searching for the name of the park, and realized I missed a better park with a lake, which was quite near the one I visited.
At Merrion Park, there were some memorials, including one of Oscar Wilde, so I had to take a photo with him, being the author of one of my favourite books ever!

Later we went to the National Museum of Ireland of Natural History, and I must say I had a very unpleasant experience there, Luc really enjoyed it, at least the floor we could actually visit, let me explain, the museum was supposed to open until 5pm. but at 3pm. security lead us out due to a students demonstration happening near there, so we missed all the animals on the 1st floor; we were so mad at that moment that we didn't want to visit the other museums in case they were closed.

I wanted to visit Number 29, a Georgian house, where they show you how people lived between 1790 and 1820, but my husband wasn't much into it, so I decided not to go even if I wanted to.
So after that we decided to visit the awesome library of the Trinity College, which I must say, was a BIG disappointment; I mean I wasn't expecting to read the books or touch anything, but we paid 18€ to see a beautiful place, yes, but covered with books of who knows what or if they were even real, no one explained anything there, no pamphlet, no nothing. So I think we actually paid to see The Book of Kells, beautiful and old, indeed, but something we actually hate, a book about religion, ugh!

After that we went shopping a little, to the hotel to rest my dying feet, and later to eat delicious Irish food, meaning yummy Irish stew! Hahahaha!

Dublin Red Door - Dublin, Ireland.

Famine Memorial, Quayside - Dublin, Ireland.

River Liffey - Dublin, Ireland.

Merrion Square Park - Dublin, Ireland.

Merrion Square Park - Dublin, Ireland.

Oscar Wilde Memorial at Merrion Square Park - Dublin, Ireland.

Oscar Wilde Quotes at Merrion Square Park - Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin Doors - Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin Pink Door - Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland.

Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland.

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre - Dublin, Ireland.

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre - Dublin, Ireland.

Leprechaun - Dublin, Ireland.

Guinness Brewer - Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Lamb Stew - Dublin, Ireland.

And remember, more photos here.


  1. ¡Que felices se os ve! Ya me gustaría a mi poder viajar como lo hacéis, tan unidos ^^

    Let me dream

  2. Es todo precioso, todo! y tú! y la foto duendecillo que graciosa jajajaja, pero que grande está, me quedé alucinada en Madrid, como pasa el tiempo!

    PD.Por cierto, amo el color amarillo pero tan bonito coordinado es que me ha enamorado, gracias por compartir estos momentos, un beso.

  3. ay tan rico viajar ^^ si que conociste lugares preciosos!!!
    gracias por tus comentarios, y si cumplí años el 14 de Noviembre jejeje. La henna es un tinte natural, mas que todo lo usan en egipto, la India, mmm la verdadera henna siempre tiene que ser verdecita y da tonos rojos, lastimosamente fallé un poco al combinarla, porque quería mas rojo, pero la proxima vez me arriesgaré mas xDDD, ahi contaré en el blog jeje

  4. Me encantan las fotos con las puertas, y tu conjunto! Estás preciosa de amarillo y negro, muy buena combinación!

  5. te ves estupenda! y tu niño no me habia dado cuenta que esta TAN ALTO! haha casi esta de tu tamaño :D me gusto mucho el outfit, sobre todo porque no llevas rojo y es bonito verte con otros colores tmb <3

  6. Adore tu coord!!! <3
    Y tu hijito esta enormeee!!!


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