Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And so, with no warning, no last goodbye

♪♫ As the days of my life are but grains of sand
As they fall from your open hand
At the call of the wind's command.


♪♫ The Eagle will Rise Again - Alan Parsons Project ♫♪

Last weekend we went skate and long-boarding, well, not me, my husband and my son, 'cause Luc wanted to try his new longboard we gave him for his 11th birthday.
Let me tell you, it's really dangerous; he still doesn't feel safe over a board after he broke his wrist last summer, so he will go step by step, baby steps.

It was a beautiful day, but both my boys were so into what they were doing that nobody took a photo of me, so I had to do it indoors after we arrived home. But before that my husband and I made some delicious cinnamon rolls I've been craving forever, and they were delicious!
Here is the recipe we used as a guide, because my husband being a cook he changed it quite a bit.

And on another note, I still have to finish my Dublin posts, but I've been very lazy this month, to be quite honest! I promise I'll do it tomorrow!






Jeans: Levi's.
Turtleneck: Zara.
Jacket: Zara.
Boots: Merkal Calzado.
Beret: Atmosphere.
Scarf: Zara.
Lips: Lancôme Color Fever Gloss - 322 Pink But Not Innocent.


And here are some photos of the delicious cinnamon rolls we made.






  1. Dios mío qué pinta tienen los rollos de canela! Me has hecho salivar y todo jajaja

    Estás muy guapa, me gusta mucho el conjunto <3

  2. Que casualidad!! Justo esta tarde una amiga y yo hemos quedado para hacer rollitos de canela! XD Nunca habia hecho y la verdad es que me han encantado! Sencillos y tremeeendos *____*

    Me encanta tu conjunto, estás monísima. Esos vaqueros te sientan genial, y las botas son muy chulas!

  3. mmm esos cinnamon roll se ven riquisimos :D quieroooo
    bueno a veces pasa que uno se pone perezoso jeje
    Me encanta tu gorrito; saludos

  4. que lindaaa!! ame tus botas! *O*
    los cinnamon rolls se ven espectaculares! lastima que no me gusta la canela D:

  5. dios mio, los rollos! LOS ROLLOS!! espero que me hayas guardado alguno jaja xDD

  6. Sara: Muchas gracias! la verdad es que estaban deliciosos!!

    Ania: Siii! Que casualidad, y vi la foto tenían una pintaza genial!!! Gracias! :33

    Ants: Jajajaja, una delicia!

    Ruzu: Tenes que probar hacerlos, son deliciosos!!

    Violet: Las botas son amor, comodas sobre todo! Bueno, en vez de canela le podes poner otra cosa. Yo hace unos años odiaba la canela y el coco, y ahora le pongo de las dos cosas a todos los postres! xDDD

    Adriana: Jajajaja, pues no duraron nada! Igual si venís hacemos mas! ;D


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