Friday, December 30, 2011

December Magazines.

I don't know if you realized, but I didn't post last month's magazines, well, I did, and it was supposed to be posted when I was in Dublin, but somehow blogger managed to ignore it and I totally forgot about it. I'll probably do it in a belated entry since last Fudge was amazing!
And about this month's KERA and Zipper, I didn't post because I didn't like anything, for real!

This month I bring you Fudge, So-En and TomoTomo, no spoon because it sucked, such a wasted number, aghh!!!

December 2011 Fudge.


As always I loved this month's Fudge, so many coats and colours!
And also those bags, all so amazing!

December 2011 So-En.


This one was men's inspired number, and some looks were awesome, plus I've been a fan of Shota's apathetic expression, hahaha!

December 2011 TomoTomo.


So many cute styles with short hair, I wish I could rock short hair like this girls, but I look terrible with hair over my shoulders.


  1. No me podía las últimas dos revistas :O que bonitas!! ains adoro los puntos y el cascanueces :D

    Feliz año nuevo

  2. Ruzu: A veces es dificil encontrarlas DD: Y feliz año para vos tambien!

  3. me encanto la ultima foto de fudge! ese tapadito y esa cartera son amor!

  4. De donde sacaste los scans malaje ?


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