Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Syrup Spring 2011 Catalogue.

Let's say I always arrive late to the latest Syrup catalogue, and this season wasn't the exception.
Syrup is one of my favourite mori girl brand, probably for their really defined lines, colours and cut of the clothes.

Here's a selection of my favourite pieces this season:

Bambi special collaboration.

And here are two collages I made with the clothes I want.
I made it with photoshop, I wanted to do it by hand because I love to cut & paste, but my scanner isn't compatible with the laptop.. DD:


  1. No conocía esta marca, ¡y adoro su ropa! ala, ya me has enganchado a otra cosa mona más xD

  2. Que bien que te gustara.., es que es preciosa!! Los estilismos y los photoshots son de ensueño.. :333


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