Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nowhere Red

Last Saturday I dressed up just for nothing, OK, not really.., I went with my son to buy a skate, and at least people turned around to look at me.
My theory is because of the colour red, which I wear A LOT, and not so many people in this town do.

Dress: milk
Cardigan: 47th street
Tights: Calzedonia
Boots: Off-brand


  1. ¡El vestido de las mariquitas! *v*
    A mi últimamente me está entrando mono de rojo ;)

  2. me encanta el vestidito, es tan versatil <3

  3. You don't need a reason to dress up. Enjoyment IS the reason! Little girls would wear sequins every day, if their mothers let them. Learn from them!

  4. Mrs. Mercury: El color rojo es tan alegre, todo el mundo debería usarlo!!

    fatal fille: Sii! Por eso me gusta tanto!

    cherany: I know! But I hate dressing up just for lounging around home. Yesterday I dressed up all so pretty and 'springish' and didn't go out, it was sad.. xDD
    I can, of course wear it again today or tomorrow since nobody really saw it.. xDD


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