Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday's Favourites #30 - Valentine's Day Edition

Yumetenbo, Modcloth, LoveShoppingholics, ebay, SuiteBlanco, Asian icandy
1- Rattan box bag from Yumetenbo  /  2- Flowers cardigan from Modcloth  /  3- Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses from LoveShoppingholics  /   
4- Ribbon tattoo tights from ebay  /  5- Heart-shaped cookies dress from Modcloth  /  6- Heart lollipop from SuiteBlanco  /   
7- Pearl kitty ears headband from Yumetenbo  /  8- Heart belt from Asian icandy  /  9- Red brogues from Modcloth


  1. love it!


  2. Ains el No.2 está divino, así como los oxford :3 quisiera mucho dinero ahorita jajaja

  3. Amazing finds!!!! Love the cardigan, belt and the bag!)
    Love Hearts!!! LOVE!°


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