Thursday, March 18, 2010

I used to walk 6 miles barefoot in the snow, to school.., you know that?

Coinciding with the re-open of this blog, I come to show you some photos I took on January when it snowed here in my town.
My son's classes were cancelled so we went to the park to have a little and un-professional photo-shot.

I wore my HMHM's Black Chandelier Jsk for the first time, and I did what I could with my hair and my bump-its.

HMHM - Blouse: Bodyline - Shoes: Montreal -
Socks: tutuanna* - Jacket: ZARA

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  1. Y me darás envidia cochina, lo sé, lo sé.... quiero calcetines de Japón, argh XDDDDDDD me volvería loca! El otro día comprando los de ETC me acordaba de ti cada segundo, jajaja!!

    Ay, gracias por decirme de dónde eran los de Harry Potter, no me acordaba, ;___;!!!



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