Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Addiction: TV Series.

I admit it, I'm a huge TV series addict, and I've been one since forever, when I was little my favourites were Get Smart!, Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, McGyver, V, Miami Vice, Sledge Hammer!, Dynasty, Dallas and a lot more that I don't remember right now. And to be honest this has gotten worse through the years, specially considering we are in the TV series golden era, or at least that's how I see it.

So let me make a short review of an extensive list of the TV series I watched this past year (the ones that ended and the ones I'm still watching).

OK, let's start with one of my favourites; The Vampire Diaries. I'll be honest with you here, I love everything that has to do with vampires, I even like Twilight, but I also admit how awful it is; so I never thought this series would be any better, but let me tell you that it's fantastic! It's not cheesy at all and all the episodes are quite intense.
I'm currently watching the 3rd season, and I never ever thought of quitting it.
My favourite characters: Damon, Anna, Alaric & Caroline.

The Walking Dead; hmmm, I'll be totally honest and say I like the 1st season, but 2nd season is quite boooooring, but I want to know what happens next.
I'm currently watching the 2nd season, and this is one of those series that I hope won't have too many seasons, hahahaha! Although it's been announce they'll make a third season, oh crap! xDD (The thing is that I hate to quit series ¬¬ )
My favourite characters: Daryl & Glenn.

Ahh, Supernatural, this one is like an untouchable for me, no matter how crappy or cheesy it gets sometimes, I will always love it for all its loveable characters.
I actually started watching the 1st season on TV (I mostly watch my series on my PC and in its original language), and I found it quite amusing, but later they started messing up with the episodes and I got tired. A year ago I managed to download the first five season and Watched them in a week, and then watched the 6th one while it was broadcasted.
Now I'm watching the 7th season.
My favourite characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby & Cass. But Crowly and Death are also love!

Ringer, pfff, what a disappointment, I really want to enjoy it, but it's so slow and yet twisted that it's getting hard for me to keep up with.
I was really looking forward to it, since I'm a huge Buffy fan, but I guess the fact that Sarah stars the show doesn't matter, since Joss is not directing it.
This series is in its 1st season, and I honestly don't think it'll have a 2nd one, but I'll keep watching it anyways.
My favourite characters: Andrew.

Yeah, don't laugh at me, but summer is always so slow regarding TV series, that I couldn't say no to Teen Wolf. Despite the name it has nothing to do with the 80s film, and is actually entertaining. It's not a favourite and I could definitely do with out it, mostly because I hate almost the whole cast, the two main characters that are supposed to be in love overact throughout the whole episodes and have less than zero chemistry, but whatever I feel attached to werewolves!
2nd season is starting this year.
My favourite characters: Stiles & Lydia.

The nine lives of Chloe King, just like Teen Wolf I started watching it due to summer boredom, but ended actually enjoying it even more that the previous. It's a pity it was cancelled because I wanted to know more about all the mysteries.
It only lasted for the 1st season.
My favourite characters: Alek.

I know Sherlock was actually from 2010, but I didn't heard about it until May last year, it was only 3 episodes, but amazing episodes! I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and I love the twist they gave to this contemporary Sherlock, plus Benedict and Martin are amazing actors and portray the characters spectacularly. So yes, this one is also a favourite of mine!
2nd season is already airing, but having my son around because of winter break doesn't let me much time to watch anything.
My favourite characters: Holmes & Watson, duh! xDD

I still debating how I feel about Grimm, I like it, I do, but there's something missing that I don't know what it is, or maybe I do; I actually like some continuity when it comes to series, even if they have different cases in each episode, and I would like it to reveal little by little more details about the Grimms. Anyway, I also like how they introduce all of those fairy tales characters in the everyday life.
This series started last September and it's in its 1st season.
My favourite characters: Monroe & Reggie.

Oh, Dexter, what can I say about him/it apart of being one of my favourites! I started watching it by my Bro.'s recommendation and it never disappointed me! I love all the twists and almost all the characters and how all the episodes are developed.
6th season ended last month and it was amazing, I really can't wait for next season!
My favourite characters: Dexter, Deb, Harry & Quinn.

The Secret Circle, season's disappointment, I thought I was going to love this one, but really it's such a stupid series, I hate almost all the characters they have no chemistry with each other, not even when it comes to friendship, the script is awful and I heard really good things about the book, but the series is plain bad for the mere fact of the main character, Cassie, being a Mary Sue, hahaha! The only realistic character is Faye.
1st season is still airing and I'll keep watching it (yes I'm a masochist), but just because I'm bored.
My favourite characters: Faye & Charles.

What can I say about Gossip Girl, I can only say I keep watching it because of Chuck and the clothes, but it's the most repetitive series I've ever seen, and I've watched lots of CSI/Miami/NewYork seasons, in my whole life!
It's gotten so boring and I hate almost everyone, I never likes Serena, but now I want her to die, I loved Blair, but I just want her to get married and be shut in Monaco, I used to love Lily, but now she doesn't even get a full minute on air. Plus the lack of money for the production showed since the start of this last season.
5th season is currently airing but I don't see a 6th one airing in the future.
My favourite characters: Chuck & Lily.

The Lying Game, this was a total surprise for me! When The nine lives of Chloe King ended, this one started airing in its place, and I loved from the start. It has everything I like in a drama, family matters, mystery, treason, good sense of fashion, except for supernatural themes, it has it all.
1st season is still airing and even if I think it's an under rated show, I put my faith on it, because it's really good! Plus even if I don't think the main actress is great, I like how she manages to separate the characters of the twins.
My favourite characters: Sometimes I like Emma and sometimes I like Sutton, Laurel & Ethan.

Revenge was the revelation for me this season, I have only great things to say about this one. This drama is something like a modern Count of Monte Cristo, so I embraced it without actually watching the first episode, and it didn't disappoint!
All the characters are great, good or bad people, they are all great.
The 1st season is still airing, but even if I'd love to, I don't know how they would manage to make a 2nd one, mostly because of how the story develops, which is quite fast and entertaining.
My favourite characters: Emily/Amanda, Nolan & Victoria.

House M.D. is one of those series you watch no matter if it's good or bad, it's normally good, but as it got quite repetitive people tend to be let down, but this is what series are, or that's what I think, if they are actually telling a good story. What I enjoy the most is House & Wilson's bromance.
House is in its 8th season and while it got back to some of past seasons humour, I don't think it'll get renewed, but who knows.
My favourite characters: House, Wilson, Chase & Park.

I have no words to describe how much I loved American Horror Story, but it was exactly what I needed in my life, with a great script, great characters and a fabulous location, a haunted house!
I'm glad it was renewed for a second season, and while it makes me sad the characters will change, that needed to be done, but that won't stop me from missing them!
I just want to express something it's been bugging me throughout the season, and it's about Tate, EVERYONE loved Tate, I loved Tate, but really people, you DON'T want a sociopath in your life, so grow up!
That being said, 1st season already ended, but as I said before a 2nd one will air later this year, most probably.
My favourite characters: Tate (LOL), Moira & Constance.

Castle is another one of my favourites, it's so funny and consistent, and has Nathan Fillion in it, which for me was a go, since I'm a huge Firefly fan ;_;
Some people compare it to Bones, I never watched that myself, so I don't know, but Castle is a series I could watch for the rest of my life and not get tired! What I like the most about it is the recurring pop culture references, especially the ones about Firefly!
The 4th season is currently airing and I hope it gets renewed for a 5th one!
My favourite characters: Castle, Ryan & Martha.

Pretty Little Liars is a show I'm addicted to, I love it so much, especially how twisted and how everything actually makes sense. I haven't got much to say except that it's an awesome show!
2nd season (mid-season) started airing yesterday.
My favourite characters: Spencer, Hanna, Caleb, Ashley & Toby.

New Girl is Zooey Deschanel's show, so you know the drill, super cute, lovely and funny! It's a fun and positive sitcom, I love it!
1st season is currently airing.
My favourite characters: Jess & Nick.

Ahhh, Pan Am is a beautiful and under rated show that is somehow filling the void left by Mad Men this season. The atmosphere of the show is fantastic and the fashion delightful! I really hope it doesn't get cancelled because I like it a lot.
My favourite characters: Maggie, Ted, Colette & Kate.

Suburgatory is another sitcom I'm addicted to. It's really, really funny. I actually started watching it for Alan Tudyck, but all the characters are awesome, lots of different stereotypes that are a parody of themselves.
1st season is currently airing.
My favourite characters: All of them actually!

Medium was one of my favourite TV series for 7 season, it was a pity it was cancelled and ended last January. What I love the most about the series was not the supernatural teheme, but the relationship within Allison and Joe, her husband, it was so real. Actually Joe is and will always be a favourite character of mine, so funny and human!
Like I said before, Medium run for 7 seasons, which it's not bad at all!
My favourite characters: Joe, Bridget & Lee.

Game of Thrones is the series everyone is talking about (apart from AHS), and that's because it's an EPIC TV series! I must say that I didn't watch it when it came out, and just watch it a month ago in two days, and now I can't wait for the 2nd season to start!
2nd season is due to next April.
My favourite characters: Daenerys, Khal Drogo, Arya, Ned & Jaime.

I started watching Camelot because I'm a big fan of the Excalibur and Arthurian legend, but I'm also a bit strict when it comes to the things I like, and even if the story was well told, most actors where great (Eva Green, I'm looking at you...) and the clothes were AWESOME; the story had some twists I didn't actually liked, for example; Arthur, I like Arthur a lot, but I didn0t like this one in particular.
This show only lasted only for one season.
My favourite characters: Morgan, Gawain & Leontes.

I watched the first two seasons of United States of Tara in a row All of them are short, fun and fast-paced, but this last year, after the 3rd season started, it was announced it wouldn't be renewed for a 4th. I must say that Toni Collette blew my mind with her outstanding performance, and that's one of the things I regret about this show not airing anymore.
The show had only 3 seasons.
My favourite characters: Tara, Buck, Kate, Moosh & Charmaine.

Recently I got to watch both Carnivàle seasons, I've downloaded them a while ago but never had the time to watch them, and it's sad the show was cancelled after 2 seasons because it was kind of different and approached a theme I like a lot; Light & Darkness in a very curious way set in the 30s.
1st and 2nd season run through 2004 and 2006.
My favourite characters: Justin, Jonesy & Lodz.

Among the shows I started watching but didn't like and quit are: Wilfred (I really wanted to like it, but couldn't. I mean, I love dogs, but I only wanted to strangulate Wilfred when I watched the episodes) & Lost girl (a pretty stupid show).

And the shows that I want to watch and are starting anew are: Jane by design, Treme, South Riding, Downton Abbey, True blood, Once upon a time, need to watch The mentalist in a correct order since I'm watching it on TV and Spanish (arghhh) and want to finish with the last two seasons of Prison Break that I quit in the middle of the 3rd one.

How do I keep track of all the shows I have to watch, you may ask..., Easy! TV Episode Calendar is a great tool to not miss a show, so if you are anything like me, I strongly recommend it!
If you think of any other TV series I MUST watch, please tell me, I'm always open to new ones, as you can see from my long and eclectic list, hahaha! My husband says I'm sick for liking so many, but I just can't help it!


  1. Pero como tienes tiempo de todo! A mi walking dead mi produce un sopor inhumano por alguna misteriosa razón...
    Y si, blogger es una caca pasa como la mierda de mis post programados!

    1. Ahora se puede respondeeeer, soy feliz!!!!! xDDD

  2. :O Has visto un motón. Yo tan solo he visto Vampire diaries, a la que me acabé enganchando sin darme cuenta XD y Game of Thrones.
    Aunque tengo muchísimas ganas de ver Once upon a time, que parece tener muy buena crítica ^_-

    1. Jajaja, si, es como una enfermedad, y eso que aqui no pongo los doramas japos y koreanos, que si no no termino nunca!
      Y si Once Upon a Time está pegando fuerte, yo ya la empecé a ver y me encanta!

  3. Supernatural es mi serie favorita, me encanta!! Y de tooodas las que comentas, destacaría Teen Wolf, que ha sido mi descubrimiento de 2011 :)

    1. Es que Supernatural es genial! <3 Y mi problema con Teen Wolf es la pareja protaginista, no me termina de gustar, por otras parte me encantan Stiles y Lydia, como comentaba, y ya quiero saber que es lo que le va a pasar a Lydia! O.O

  4. WOW MIRAS MUCHAS MUCHAS SERIES XDDD de las unicas que veo son the walking dead y algunas veces dr. house, la verdad no tengo mucho tiempo para ver television (o verlas en internet) asi que no te podria decir mucho, aunque te recomiendo la serie Two Broke Girls, es comiquisima xD

    1. Iba a empezar a ver 2 Broke Girls cuando salió, luego no se que paso que la olvidé, pero si que he escuchado que es muy divertida!


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