Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday's Favourites #20

1- Flowers leggings from Sechuna.
2- Heart sweater from Asianicandy.
3- Cherry necklace from Paris Kids.
4- Scarf from Sechuna.
5- White under-dress from Sechuna.
6- Owl beanie from ASOS.
7- Red hearts belt from Asianicandy.
8- Brown socks from Sechuna.
9- Bunny bag from Mochi Beaucoup.
10- Flower sneakers from Springfield.


  1. Ese bolsito de conejo está divino :3

  2. Amazing favorites! Love everything with the hearts!)

  3. Qué mono el jersey del corazoncito :)

  4. i have the heart sweater but in white ^^ love the owl beanie!! super cute and so is the red cut-out hearts beat <333


  5. Me encanta!!! Sobre todo la bufanda con ese lazo tan cuco, los leggins y las zapatillas

  6. Yo este año no me quedaré sin un gorro (insertar animal al gusto) en mis manos >_<, me parecen tan monos <3


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